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Blonde Hair Color

Emma Roberts Hair Color 2018

Red, pink, brunette, blonde. Name it and Emma Roberts has done it all. So, it’s not surprise that whenever she changes her color, her fans will follow. Here’s how you can re-create the new Emma Roberts hair color and style

Blonde Hair Color

Jennifer Lopez Hair Color 2018

Since receiving this year’s highly coveted MTV Video Vanguard Award, Jennifer Lopez has been looking more vibrant than ever. Whether it’s the new ‘do or not – we cannot tell. But one thing is for sure, all the JLo fans will want to copy the

Brunette Hair Color

Gemma Chan Hair Color 2018

With Crazy Rich Asians making waves in Hollywood, the internet is starting to notice Gemma Chan. Her elegance and poise are matched by her classy hairstyle, which is why many of her fans would replicate her looks. Cop the Gemma Chan hair color and style

Blonde Hair Color

Charlize Theron Hair Color 2018

Known for experimenting with her hair, Charlize Theron always manages to look stunning whatever color or style her hair is. Here’s how you can re-create the Charlize Theron hair color and style using Original & Mineral. Color Use the O&M

Brunette Hair Color

Emily Blunt Hair Color 2018

Emily Blunt rarely changes her hair color like some celebrities do. But when she does, it never fails to make the headlines. To re-create the Emily Blunt hair color and style, follow the step by step process below. Color Begin with a base of Oway

Blonde Hair Color

Brittany Snow Hair Color 2018

Is anyone else obsessed with Brittany Snow’s newest ‘do? Because we are! You, too, can re-create the Brittany Snow hair color and style using Oway. Color Decolorize from roots to ends to a pale yellow/white with Oway Hbleach Butter Cream

Black Hair Color

Vanessa Hudgens Hair Color 2018

Natural hair is in season and we got the perfect celebrity inspo for you. Vanessa Hudgen’s mermaid hair is to die for. Re-create the new Vanessa Hudgens hair color and style using Oway. Texture Retexture the hair with Oway’s new

Fashion Colors

Paris Jackson Hair Color 2018

Paris Jackson took a break from her regular blonde locks and opted for rainbow hair this year. Here’s how you can achieve the new Paris Jackson hair color and style using Original & Mineral. Color Use the O&M Paint Powder

Blonde Hair Color

Lucy Hale Hair Color 2018

Whenever Lucy Hale changes her look, it always makes headlines – and for good reason. She’s not afraid to experiment with colors and cuts, which makes her such a great inspiration for hairstylists and clients alike. Re-create the Lucy Hale

Bronde Hair Color

Hailey Baldwin Hair Color 2018

The wet hair look is a hot trend this season and who better rock it than Hailey Baldwin? The newly engaged model wore the look to a red carpet event and we are in love. Here’s how you can recreate the Hailey Baldwin hair color

Brunette Hair Color

Scarlett Johansson Hair Color 2018

Everyone’s going for the chop this season, even celebrities like Scarlett Johansson. The Avengers actress’ pixie cut and deep brunette locks flatter her very well. Here’s how you can cop the Scarlett Johansson hair color and style using Original & Mineral. Color Do a root

Blonde Hair Color

Margot Robbie Hair Color 2018

The Wet Hair trend is still going strong this year. Margot Robbie is one of the actresses seen sporting the hairstyle lately. And here’s how you can re-create the Margot Robbie hair color and style with Original & Mineral. Color

Blonde Hair Color

Ashley Tisdale Hair Color 2018

Ashley Tisdale never seems to age. The former Disney star showed off her brand new ‘do and she looks prettier than ever. Imitate the Ashley Tisdale hair color using Oway. Color Begin with a base of Oway Hcolor 3.17 Dark

Red Hair Color

Karen Gillan Hair Color 2018

Karen Gillan’s red hair is nothing but glamorous! The Jumanji and Avengers actress walked the red carpet showing off her gorgeous locks. Here’s how you can re-create the Karen Gillan hair color and style using Oway. Color Color the hair

Blonde Hair Color

Emilia Clarke Hair Color 2018

With Game of Thrones ending soon, fans are surely going to miss Emilia Clarke and her role as Mother of Dragons. However, you can always commemorate the show by copying the Emilia Clarke hair color and style using Original &

Blonde Hair Color

Cara Delevingne Hair Color 2018

Cara Delevingne sent the interwebs into overdrive last year when she shaved her head and went platinum, and once again Cara’s fans went into frenzy when she was seen sporting a new hair color. As always, you can use Original & Mineral to achieve the

Blonde Hair Color

Coco Rocha Hair Color 2018

Whether she’s sporting brunette or blonde locks, Coco Rocha knows how to work the camera. This time, the supermodel and fashion icon took to the red carpet with a newly chopped look. Imitate the Coco Rocha hair color and style using Oway. Color To create

Brunette Hair Color

Olivia Palermo Hair Color 2018

Whatever Olivia Palermo wears, everyone takes notice. The fashion icon and socialite was seen sporting a new ‘do and of course her fans and followers wanted to know how to re-create it. Get the new Olivia Palermo hair color and style using Oway below! Color

Fashion Colors

Iskra Lawrence Hair Color 2018

It seems pink hair is still season and we’re absolutely here for it. Here’s how you can cop the Iskra Lawrence hair color and style using our ammonia-free products from Oway. Color Decolorize the hair with Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener and Oway Hcatalyst 20

Brunette Hair Color

Anne Hathaway Hair Color 2018

If Anne hath a will, Anne Hathaway. No matter the occasion, the Academy Award-winning actress always finds a way to get the attention of beauty and fashion magazines. Whether she’s in plainclothes or red carpet events, her beauty is simply too hard to ignore. Here’s