Kiera Knightley Hair Color

Kiera Knightley with Organic Color Systems.

To recreate Kiera Knightley’s hair color for your salon clients, use Organic Color Systems ammonia free hair color and following the following hair color formula and styling instructions.

Hair Color Formula -

Using 8gd, 8cr, 8ca, silver concentrate, and 20 volume cream; Apply color from roots to ends; Process under heat for 15 minutes and out of heat for 15 minutes; Wet hair slightly, Emulsify, Rinse hair until water runs clear, Shampoo and Condition.

Hair Styling Products-

Cocktailing Hydrate Leave-In, Spray Gel, and Gloss Serum. Rough blowdry hair with volume at the root. Use a diffuser to create natural curl in the midshaft and ends of the hair. Using Finale and Spray Gloss, spray a light mist to the hair.

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Posted on February 5, 2012

Category : Fashion Colors &Hair Color &Red Hair Color


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